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Thank you for using South Park Answers. If your asked a question and were redirected here, it is because there was something wrong with the question you asked. We do not allow questions such as:

  • Questions that ask for an opinion
  • Questions about prohibited illegal content
  • Questions asking or giving personal information: address, phone numbers, MSN account, Facebook account, email address, etc.
  • Questions that contain profane language or adult content.
  • Questions containing advertising, SPAM, scams and vandalism.
  • Questions that are impossible to answer, or that don't make sense.
  • Questions that are not about South Park or the production of South Park
  • Questions that could be answered by anyone who had ever watched South Park at all ("Who is the kid in the orange parka" is a notorious example). If you've never watched the show, you can't possibly have intelligent questions about it.

There are other reasons why your question might be directed here which are not mentioned above, that doesn't make them exempt from the fact that they can't be answered in a collaborative manner.

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