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What does Kenny McCormick say in the South Park theme song?

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  • Unaired Pilot: Our town is bigger, dammit! Right down to the little granite.
  • Seasons 1-2: I like girls with big fat titties, I like girls with deep vaginas.
  • Seasons 3-5: Me, I got a 10-inch penis, use your mouth if you wanna clean it.
  • Season 6: Timmy! Timmy! Timmy! Timmy! Timmy! Timmy! Livin' a lie! Timmy! *
  • Seasons 7-10 Episode 7: Someday, I'll be old enough to stick my dick up Brittany's butt.
  • Seasons 10 Episode 8-Present: I like fucking silly bitches and I know my penis likes it.

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