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In earlier episodes, Kyle is insecure about being Jewish and doesn't understand why he's Jewish, as shown in "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo." Later on, he develops a better understanding of his Jewish faith. In "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", he is shown teaching Ike how to play dreidel. In "The Entity" and other episodes, he is shown to have knowledge of The Holocaust. In "The Fantastic Easter Special" he is shown not caring about Easter and finger painting pictures having to do with the Jewish faith. In "Jewpacabra" he again is shown not caring about Easter but also agrees with Cartman on the fact that stupid people will believe what they want to believe (referring to Christians). When Cartman makes remarks about Jews in newer episodes, Kyle can lash back with a fact. In the old episodes, he couldn't do this. So Kyle's views on Judaism have developed from being Jewish just because of his parents to expanding on his knowledge of Judaism and believing more in his religious faith as the series progresses. Now he believes in Judaism by choice.

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